Seasons of Fish

Ups and Downs…and Ups Yesterday Rich and I had the privilege of joining one of our dearest friends, Mike, as he celebrated his birthday. We met Mike, his mother and sister, and another couple at a local fish restaurant for a leisurely lunch, filled with stories of Mike’s childhood, relaxing chat, and general merriment.  Oh. And Baskin-Robbins clown sundaes for […]

Plugging in to Power

Spirit-FilledAs this past Sunday was Pentecost, our pastor’s lesson was drawn from Acts 2. Reading the account of the descent of the Holy Spirit gives me chills. Last night at our small group meeting we revisited Sunday’s message. One of our study questions invited us to share a memory of a time when we’ve “seen the Holy Spirit […]

It’s Not my Job

Hanging up my Tights and CapeI am, well, resourceful. I have a small reputation among my family and closest friends as a good problem-solver. I offer an example from my sister’s wedding, 21 years ago: When my cousin’s then-two-year-old-son disappeared, I trooped down the boardwalk of the beach next to the oceanfront reception site (in my bridesmaid’s […]

Express Service

When We Ask, He ProvidesWe’re all familiar with God’s answers to prayer: “Yes,” “no,” and “not yet.” Recently I received a response that was closer to “on the double!” My husband, Rich, is a godly man. He’s also a guy. So sometimes when we have important matters to discuss, diving into an in-depth analysis of […]

Rejoicing in Germs

Hanging up the Tights and CapeSometime last week, after contemplating the materials our congregation is studying as part of Life’s Healing Choices, I confessed to my husband that I have a problem with an overblown sense of responsibility, particularly regarding our household. I know that God is in control. All the same He hasn’t folded […]