The Dog Mob

JD the Lab, Ole Boy Trevor, Rich, and Lil’ Doc
Devotion and Dependence
My husband Rich and I frequently have exchanges like this:
Me: The dogs love you!
Rich: I feed them.
However you conceive it, there’s no question that our pack is devoted to us. They throw a ticker-tape parade every time we return home. In the evenings, the prime spot is at Rich’s feet (or for Doc, in my lap). If we’re preparing to leave, they watch for any sign of us retrieving their leashes, the signal that they’re coming along. JD occasionally bolts through the front door even if we haven’t leashed him. The sound of Rich gathering stainless bowls brings an excited stampede into the kitchen to see if it’s time to eat. Doc submits calmly when Rich clips his hair. Usually, they obey our commands.
I am reasonably certain that any of the three would fight valiantly, even to the death, to protect us.
In short, our dogs model for us a great approach to our relationship with God:
  • They want always to be close to us.
  • They will follow us anywhere.
  • They’ll chase after us.
  • They depend on us to meet all their needs.
  • They trust us completely.
  • They’re obedient.
  • They would rather die than see us attacked.
Next time I’m feeling bogged down or confused by the complexity and mystery of my faith, I’m going to take a cue from my dogs, chase after God, and sit at His feet.

 16 So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive His mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.     Hebrews 4:16 (NLT)


  1. Thank you, for once again reminding me that all I am asked to do is to trust, believe, have faith, and allow Him to do the rest!

  2. Judi, thanks for your comment. It always lifts my day.

  3. Dogs are so pure of heart! I love your Godsplotting entries and love living next door to you and Rich and your 3 beautiful canines.

  4. Yes, Sue, they are!! We are so blessed to have you and your multispecific menagerie as neighbors 🙂

  5. Sheila, I love to visit with you and Rich. I also love to wrassle with JD and cuddle with Doc. You're dogs are fun, kind, and full of love. I hope you will be able to enjoy many great years with them.


  6. We enjoy all that too! We should make a date. And thank you for your kind words. I know you and your mom and sister are grieving for your beloved Bel.