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Grandson Cadence Enjoying a Cupcake on His Second Birthday, With a Little Help from His Dad. September, 2008.
Gifts for You!
Yesterday marked Godspotting’s second anniversary. To celebrate, I have a little Godspotting swag to share.
To win a gift….just ask! The first three people who comment here requesting a gift will be winners! I’ll contact you if you’re one of the three.
Gifts for Me!
In my first post, I described my vision for the blog and explained my goal. Since then, my readership has grown a little. I’ve helped a few other people get started with their own blogs. My pastor shared one of my posts in the church bulletin once. I’ve started working on a book. I like to think my writing has improved. I’ve had the opportunity to contribute guest posts on other blogs.
By the metrics of resume-flavored success, I guess you could say I’ve gained a little over these past two years.
Though I am deeply grateful for them, those accomplishments aren’t the ones that thrill me.
I don’t mean to say that these two years of blogging have lacked exhilaration. But the joy has come in unexpected, undreamt-of ways. Three things delight me when I reflect on these past two years of sharing with you here.
My husband’s second language: Bloglove. Rich hunted down an internet cafe so I could upload a post and approve comments while we were off vacationing in a remote corner of California. His email signature includes a link to Godspotting. He invites his friends to follow my blog. He gives me space and quiet to focus and write, sometimes refilling my coffee cup for me as I reflect and wait for words –or sometimes stalk them. 
I didn’t consider, two years ago, that Rich would find ways to use my blog to love on me. But he has. 
Real friendships with other bloggers. Especially through blogging communities, notably TheHighCalling.org and BibleDude.net, I’ve found friends: other people who are led to write. I mean genuine friendships, wherein you learn whose husband, like mine, won’t eat fresh tomatoes. Or whose daughter is just home from a freshman year at college. Or whose mom is in hospice care.

Writing can be a lonely calling. It can also make you delusional. These treasured friends provide community and accountability.

Readers rethinking God. Every now and then, readers tell me that reading Godspotting has led them to reconsider their relationships with God. If I continue to write for the rest of my days, and my reward is helping to influence just one more soul to join me in eternal worship at the throne of our mighty and gracious God, then this work will have been worthwhile.

It is work, writing here. It’s bloody, nagging, playful work. It brings me joy and sometimes wakes me up at two a.m.

I began this blog to obey God, to honor Him, to make an offering to Him. I never imagined the superabundance of blessings He would return to me.

  38 Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure—pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”
Luke 6:38 (NASB)