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Brenda, Dylan, me, Cadence, Elaine All Grown Up Yesterday I traveled to San Diego to attend my daughter Elaine’s baby shower. Aside from the usual anticipation that accompanies these happy occasions, I had another matter on my heart: Brenda would be there, with her son Dylan. Brenda and Elaine had been friends since they were young girls. […]


The Power of Kind WordsThis morning I found a message in my Facebook account from a dear third millineum friend. My third millineum friends are people whom I’ve never seen face-to-face, but who have become true friends through the miracle of the internet. They are rare treasures. They also remind me of my relationship with Christ, […]

Wedding Wonders

Rod and Marilyn Seiler, May 8, 1955, La Mesa, California All About Love I’ve been creating a diagram and individual cards to direct guests to their seats at my daughter Elaine’s wedding to her beloved, Rob. Oddly enough, this bit of preparation, more than any other, has led me to reflect on love. But not […]

Looking for Him

Sharpening our Godspotting SkillsIn my last post I promised that I would offer some tips for being more aware of God’s presence in our lives. Today I’ll suggest three good places to look: in His word, in His creation, and in conversation with Him. Those of you who’ve been reading with me all along know […]