Real Gratitude

Exquisite, Clumsy Figurines and Rich’s Kids: Sean, Grandson Ayden, Rebecca, Ryan, 2005 Worst Blog Post Ever! Not long ago I wrote a post about how I sometimes forget to give thanks for the “small” blessings. You can read it here. It’s problematic because I only discuss my gratitude for good stuff. Decorating for Christmas this […]

Just so Thankful

Cadence Contagious Gratitude Sunday, we attended an intensive workshop in gratitude: a birthday party for our grandson Cadence, who turns four on Thursday. The formula was simple: 1. People gave Cadence gifts. 2. Cadence delighted in the gifts. In true four-year-old style, his excitement could not be dampened. A modest stack of books, $20 in spending money, […]

Rejoicing in Germs

Hanging up the Tights and CapeSometime last week, after contemplating the materials our congregation is studying as part of Life’s Healing Choices, I confessed to my husband that I have a problem with an overblown sense of responsibility, particularly regarding our household. I know that God is in control. All the same He hasn’t folded […]

The Thank You Dilemma

Offering Thanks is Tricky!Have you ever committed a thank you faux pas? It’s an easy mistake, especially after weddings and graduations, where many well-wishers may bless you with a gift. A card is separated from a package, the delivery service goofs up, or some other misstep leads you to overlook a giver who should be […]