Another River, Another Prayer

The Ocean Calls Her Rivers Home. Oregon, 2014.  Another Thin Place Does fresh water, running towards the sea, stretch a place thin*?  I’ve written before (more than once) about Laity Lodge and the tranquility that inhabits the air on the campus along the banks of the Frio river.  Last week, my husband and I visited Oregon to watch […]

Presents From Unexpected Places (And a Giveaway!)

Count the Gifts. Cadence and His Great-Grandfather. April, 2010. There’s always a prize inside.  A few years ago, my third-millennium friend Glynn Young asked me a question that changed my worldview. I was sidelined with back pain, and in a comment-section discussion over at The High Calling he asked me a question that lobbed a friendly grenade into my cozy […]

The Discipline of Giving Up a Discipline

Revelations and New Year’s Eve. A Natural Pairing.  Living Green in the WordI told you, back on New Year’s Day, that my one word for 2013 is green. Green, I told you, means living (not dying), means new (not stale). Later I learned that Pantone had chosen emerald as its color of the year, but that’s […]

Just Call Me Doodle

Doodling. January, 2013 Green Means Go. Green Means New. I said so a few weeks ago, and I meant it. Here’s the proof: I’ve been doodling. See, if you spend any time around me, you’re sure to hear me explain that I’m so verbal (as in not visual) that I see in words, not in images. It’s […]

2013: Green and Growing Greener

Green means go (not stop).Green means living (not dying).Green means new (not stale).Green is crisp and promising, (oddly enough, not jaded).Green is my favorite color.Green is my word for 2013. What’s yours? 7 “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,    whose trust is the Lord.8 He is like a tree planted by water,  […]