Interview with “Rules of Engagement” Author Kathi Macias

Ready For Some Christmas Spirit? It’s September already. The kids are back in school, the evenings carry a little nip–and before we know it, we’ll be hanging Christmas lights. Award-winning author (and friend, I’m honored to say) Kathi Macias’  latest story, “Rules of Engagement,” debuted on September first to smash reviews. Kathi was kind enough to chat with […]

Honoring Him in Work and Leisure

Sidestepping a Tempest Christianity Today’s review of the film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse launched a debate amongst commenters. Are vampire films suitable for Christian viewers? I decided not to join that fray. Reading the varying opinions posted there left me several thoughts, not the least of which was a renewed sense of gratitude for Kathi […]

Spotting and Showing

A Travel Challenge: Updated BelowIt’s not quite 6 a.m. in California. I’m sitting in John Wayne Airport, enjoying free wifi, coffee and a cinnamon chip scone before I board my flight to Phoenix, then on to Baltimore. As my husband Rich drove me to the airport in the early-morning darkness, I mentally set a myself a […]

Spotting Him in Print

He Shows Himself in Others’ WorksSometimes we miss God because we’re only willing to “count” those instances when He speaks directly to our hearts, or blesses us directly in some obvious way. Those events are awesome, but we have many other opportunities to witness His presence among us. I love to see His hand in […]

A One-Two Punch

Returning to My Own Special WorkA funny thing happened on the trip from “post-surgical” to “practically all better”: Posting to my blog fell out of my routine. I wanted to write. I developed an impressive mental list of reasons why I couldn’t: The Easter season makes me quiet.Physical therapy consumes my time and energy.Healing is […]