Mom Was A Servant

Always.  I indulged myself last Saturday. Rich was buried in work and my toenails were scuffed, so I scooted off for a pedicure. It’s rare for me to sit for a whole hour while someone else serves me. I found myself studying the manicurists, listening to the clients’ chatter, trying to guess what color polish the […]

Laura’s Last Lesson

The Gazebo at Our Church. In Loving Memory of Laura Lane Barnett. March 4, 1922 – July 31, 2012 On Easter Sunday, 2011, we attended sunrise services held in our new little church’s mountaintop parking lot, right in front of the gazebo.  An elderly couple—the oldest in our congregation—sat beside us. His name was Dr. […]

Update: Bibles for Brian

A Few Bibles. [This post first appeared on March 28. Update: As of July 22, Brian has collected over 1,350 Bibles with help from people just like you. The event is in October. The goal is 5,000 Bibles to share with 5,000 people. Can you help?]Can We Multiply?Will you please send my friend Brian a […]

Bibles for Brian

A Few Bibles. Can We Multiply?Will you please send my friend Brian a Bible? Or two Bibles? or ten? They’re for a good cause. My friend Brian Short and I went to junior high and high school together. We reconnected via Facebook not too long ago. Brian has found his salvation in our King, Jesus […]

Beef Stroganoff and Ballgowns

Beef Stroganoff.  Ketchup, Scotch Tape, and HumilityI remember my mother every time I make beef stroganoff. Specifically, I think of her when the recipe calls for me to add two tablespoons of ketchup to to the pan. My husband, whose admiration for this dish led me to learn to prepare it, was astonished the first […]