I’m Taking Back My Tulips!

Relinquishing A Wound Yesterday at the grocery store I dared to admire the tulips. Audaciously waiting just inside the front door, they stood like trollops draped in shades of  Easter candy: babycheek pink, duckling yellow, Lladró lavender. Stems held the blooms erect above their brazen leaves. Not even one proud tulip bowed toward her nourishing soil. Glory, I thought as […]

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

Our 27th Annual Cinnamon-Roll Baking. Christmas, 2013. Yona, Guam. But Really, I Don’t Want To. Unless they’re happy tears. Tomorrow I’ll have ridden this planet around the sun 55 times. Somehow, the view never bores me. I wonder sometimes, how can that be, that everything seems fresh all the time? I treasure some traditions (like Christmas cinnamon-roll […]

Autumn In California: Don’t Blink

In A Land Of Subtle Seasons Autumn happened yesterday. I don’t mean it began yesterday, I mean it happened yesterday. The air that morning was cool and a bit damp. The trees, some of them, anyway, went flamboyant and commenced their annual striptease. It grew dark soon after I returned home from my office. Yes. Fall came–and […]

Hidden in Plain Sight

Elaine and I on a Motu off Tahaa, French Polynesia, January 2004 Right Under our Noses My daughter Elaine and I have traveled together to many places. We’ve visited French Polynesia three times. We’ve been to Hawaii, to Texas, to Las Vegas, and taken more weekend road trips than I can count. One of my favorite trips, […]