To Engage with Wonder

Dove in Snag. The Incredible Sweetness of Being, Part ElevenRounding a curve on our skinny canyon road, we come upon the stopped SUV, its left hip jutting into the roadway. Rich pulls up alongside and I roll down my window: “Did you break down? Do you need a push?” I point to the wide spot in the shoulder […]

Concrete Soup and 2 x 4 Salad

And a Side of Ranch, Please Faith AND Reason I grow testy when folks claim logic, reason, and rationality as the exclusive turf of atheists. Frankly, it offends me, particularly since the assertion is often tucked into one of those “since everyone knows” feints. It carries a whiff, if not the outright stench, of alleged […]

Springing, Part Two: Up.

Wisteria. And a Utility Pole … The Incredible Sweetness of Being, Part Seven After I nearly missed the plum flowers, I made wisteria my priority. Our neighbor, down at the corner of the main road, grows wisteria along the fence line protecting the orchards from the deer, and whatever else threatens orchards. It is abloom […]

Being In Task, Not On Task

My Office. The Incredible Sweetness of Being, Part FiveAt my office, late in the day on December 30, I turned to a spreadsheet. The office was quiet, our numbers thinned by holiday vacations and a flu bug. All my more urgent, complex tasks of the week, the month–the year–were done. A spreadsheet awaited me, though. […]

Just the Normal Noises

Stupid Phones. We’re Holdouts.  What Counts as Quiet? I paused in the parking lot of the suburban hotel and listened. I heard, and felt, music hurtling from a car on the street, subwoofer driving the bass beat into my bones. Somewhere on the sidewalk a woman laughed. The “Walk” signal at the intersection chirped out […]