My First Job

Your Assignment, Boys, is to Make Funny Faces Before Bedtime. Grandsons Cadence (5), and Ayden (7). January, 2012.  The Unexpected “Paycheck” I was 11 the summer our Neighbor Lady asked me to help her out around her home. She was babysitting two grandchildren and wanted me to supervise the children while she was out attending […]

She Said "Yes"!

Aloha! And So Did She. And So Did She. Our vacation begins tomorrow.  My husband, Rich, and I will fly to Hawaii to visit my daughter Elaine, (whose birthday was yesterday), her husband Rob, our grandsons, Cadence and Sawyer, and the baby sister who is eagerly expected in September.  We’ve arranged care for our dogs. […]

Making a List

Even Grocery Lists are Hard. Checking it Twice I’m honored, humbled, and stunned that my blog appeared on a list this week. It happened like this: My amazing friend Diana Trautwein said, “Hey! Here’s an awesome list of us mature lady bloggers!” And  blogger Sarah Bessey published the list here. You’ll find my name on the list.   Sarah published […]

I’m Coming Out Today

Grandpa’s Desk. Bookcase by Dad. Both Renewed by Rich. Letting a Book HappenWe’re doing things a little differently around our house these days. Over the holidays, Rich repainted our bedroom to obliterate the color that I’d selected a few years ago. I believe its name was “Wrong Green.” Don’t paint your bedroom Wrong Green. You’ll […]

The Half-Baked Corn Pudding Caper

Grandma’s Casserole Finding Grace in the Church Kitchen“Our next potluck is November 20. Use it as your lab to try out the dishes you plan to serve on Thanksgiving.” The invitation in our church bulletin a few months ago enticed me to finally try to reproduce my grandmother’s corn pudding. She’d often served it at […]