Grandfamilies: Summer Car Games #1: Dreaming Together

Cadence, Papa Rich, and Ayden, Blowing Out Papa’s Birthday Candles. April 2011. Big Dreams for Big Dreamers Let’s play a game, boys, I chirped as we drove the boys home after a weekend overnighter. Let’s see how big a dream we can cook up. Just tell us your biggest, biggest dream. Cadence didn’t hesitate. I want an […]

Weekend Reflection: Forever Young

Cadence, Rich, Ayden. April, 2010. It will come about after thisThat I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind;And your sons and daughters will prophesy,Your old men will dream dreams,Your young men will see visions.Joel 2:28 (NASB) It’s Saturday, and we’re celebrating here. But first, a calm spirit: so I am taking off my […]