Messy Christmas!

Buck and Sawyer Matoushek Love and Dirt Christmas is a messy holiday. Evergreen trees drop needles that migrate throughout the house. Bits of giftwrap stray into remote corners of the living room. Dirty dishes multiply on the kitchen counter. If children are present, at least one sticky, abandoned candy cane is sure to surface as we tidy […]

Because He Loved Us First

Jeff and Rebecca Elaine, Cadence, Rob Ryan Carly and Rachael Phil, Jordynne, Ayden Elizabeth and John Carly, Rachael, Kevin Vaite, Sylvain, Ayden Jeff, Jordynne, Rebecca, Jeffrey, Phil Mike Elaine and Rob Cadence and Rich Mom and Dad  Today it’s cold, wet and gloomy, and I’m sick. But I rejoice, because I have been blessed with […]

Forecast: Showers and Sacrifices

Foreground: Judi, Elaine, and Rob Background: April and Janice Love Rains! It reigns, too, of course. But at a baby shower–especially a baby shower for my own daughter–love saturates the air. Saturday we gathered at the home of Elaine’s parents-of-her-best-friend-since-she-was-three to celebrate baby Sawyer’s arrival, expected later this fall. Our hostesses, Janice and her daughter-in-law, Nici, […]

Love, Love, Love!!!

  Kate’s House Fellowship Saturation Weekend We were blessed to spend the past weekend bathing in love. Friday night, Rich and I had a dinner date. Upon our return home, we watched the video from our 2007 wedding, which we had just received that day. What a joy it was to relive those special memories. […]


My dad and his youngest grandson. Thanksgiving, 2007 The Christmas I was almost five, I so wanted a Baby Pat-A-Burp (really!) doll that when my parents took me to visit the department store Santa,  I asked for that one thing only. I had a strategy–I figured if I only asked for one thing, I was sure to receive […]